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Sourcing the right Debt Financing for Your Real Estate Enterprise

Don’t allow the term “debt” make you scared. Basically, debt financing is the act of coming up with capital by borrowing money from a bank or a lender. In return, the creditors are owed a certain amount of the money that has been borrowed. Without a doubt, debt can be rather cost-effective, thus giving intending real estate developers the required funds to finance their projects. There are a few benefits you should consider.

Ownership is not lost

One major advantage of debt financing is the fact that you will not have to give up the ownership of your business. The moment you take a loan from an alternative lender or a financial institution, you have an obligation to make the payments at the right time for the duration of the loan. Contrastively speaking, if you surrender equity such as stock for financing, you may end up regretting as there would be an external influence as regards your decisions and the overall future of your enterprise.

Availability of tax deductions

One unique advantage of debt financing is the fact that there are tax deductions. Categorized as a business expense, the interest and principal payments on the debt may be removed from the income tax of the business. It is, however, advisable that you always check with a tax expert to help you answer the certain query as regards how debts affect your tax.

Availability of low-interest rates

Peer to peer lending, short-term loans and credit cards as well as other debt financing are not of help if the interest rates are on the high side. However, choosing the right debt financing company should put you in a good stead to get loans at reasonably low-interest rates which should have clear and achievable terms of the agreement.
It is advisable that you work with a lender who is transparent such as Applications Approved so you do not end up in the big cycle of borrowing. You should be clear about your total payments which include the amortization and interest. One thing you should have at the back of your mind is that you may have more than one payment each month.

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