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Getting the right Equity financing to get your real estate dreams started

Just like any other business enterprise, equity financing is a very vital part of any real estate venture. It is not so much a difficult thing to source for if it is done the right way. Equity financing as far as the real estate industry is concerned is made available by a number of non-traditional and traditional investors. These funds are made available by investors with a view to getting part of the shares while also getting part of the profits earned from the property.

Why equity financing?

Equity financing in real estate is considered to be perhaps one of the easiest and straightforward methods of real estate financing in town. Based on the concept of equity finance, the cash is made available in form of equities. These funds are made available by a couple of finance house which includes both banks and non-banks.
Also, equity financing in real estate can be carried out via non-traditional means such as friends, relatives, business associates, as well as private investors.
Via debt financing, the money is borrowed from willing lenders, however, equity financing in real estate means actually putting money in the property and as a result of this, the investors tend to be more interested

Benefits of equity financing in real estate

There are quite a number of factors that make equity financing in real estate ideal. The major one is the fact that equity financing is quite effective in reducing the amount of cash flow which goes out of the income properties. Also, there are a few ways to make repayments for the finances


Among the forms of repaying equity finances, profit sharing among the investors is quite popular. The profits accrued from a particular property can be shared on an annual basis or semiannually based on a pre-fixed rate.
The amounts for repayments are usually based upon a number of parameters such as capital gains, annual income and a whole lot more. Another vital reason for making equity financing in real estate is that the investor gets a portion of the property. When the investor is putting money in the property equity, the money is not really lent but it is included in the capital and as such the investor is given these shares.
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