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Applications Approved represents the leading edge in the real estate development and sales industry. We live, breath and sleep all things real estate. We are different from our competition because we do not believe in competition; we believe in collaboration. We build valued relationships with our builder clients as well as each one of the purchasers of the units we are selling.

We draw from an immense pool of resources and associates to serve our builder/developer clients and take their vision from imagination to reality. The seasoned and experienced professional executive team at Applications Approved has built our company, and our reputation, on the basis of these pillars;

  • Immense work ethics,
  • Integrity,
  • Honesty, and
  • Ability to meet every one of our client’s real estate needs.

Our sales force is routinely and regularly trained and groomed to be completely up to date with mastering their sales skills and being on the very top of all aspects of technology, demographics and sales techniques. That is how sales are achieved and relationship building is what we do best.


Applications Approved caters to our builders’ every need. The sales force is the first point of contact that a potential buyer will encounter at our company. We have made sure that the sales team representing the builder is effective, skilled and capable to not just sell but to build a relationship, and high level of trust the buyer.

From the moment a builder selects/ retains the services of Applications Approved the process of development, sales and marketing becomes seamless. We evaluate the builder’s needs and then we bring in the results.

We provide land assembly and acquisition services, provide comprehensive consulting with respect to site approvals, unit and suite mix, recommended pricing, branding, sales and marketing, sales management and décor/upgrade selection.


One of the most significant benefits for builders working with Applications Approved is that we have a vast roster of exclusively listed development land. This ranges from long-term raw land to site plan approved sites ready to develop.

The majority of our sites are exclusively listed and not on MLS. This means that our builder clients have the distinct advantage of gaining access to the best sites before they are offered to the public.

We assist builders with purchasing and/or assembling the site that meets their vision and then prepare a complete research and economic viability proposal outlining recommended unit and suite mix, targeted demographics and accurate pricing.


For the investor client who is simply looking to be involved in development but does not have the experience, or time, to build the site out, we offer comprehensive project management consulting services. We have a select group of builders who we work in conjunction with bringing them to the project as either a joint venture partner with the investor or as a contracted project manager.

We oversee all aspects of the site development and work closely with the selected builder to ensure that costs and budgets are adhered to and that all work is completed on schedule.


Our leading team of design and décor specialists is able to assist with the development and creation of the sales centre and is then responsible for assisting clients with the selection of their décor choices and upgrades.


We provide our builders with in-house financing services for the purposes of both acquisition and construction financing. We are further able to provide competitive “take out” financing to provide buyers with attractive mortgages for their new purchase.


From the commencement of the project we are actively involved in creating the branding for the site. We work in partnership with our valued associates including architects, planners, advertising agencies and legal firms to develop the identity of the site and prepare the development for the sales process.

We implement our sales strategies highlighted by extensive digital and social media campaigns. We monitor sales, manage the sales offices and sales campaigns and work towards ensuring that the full market potential of the project is accomplished.


Being a full service Brokerage, we are able to introduce our builders’ product to our extensive network of valued associates throughout the realty community. We are further able to list and sell all of the “back-up” sales to ensure that all buyers of our builder’s units can close in a timely manner.

From beginning to end, Applications Approved is able to assist builders in an enjoyable, seamless process of acquiring land through to complete sales and closing. We execute masterful sales campaigns and build trusted and long term relationships with our builders to ensure that the entire process of sales and marketing is managed.

Your business is our business and our unequalled degree of knowledge and experience within the industry ensures that every one of your projects is a success.

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